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About us

Neighborhood Schools, Inc. was established in 2018 but its roots start in 1994. That year, 47 fifth graders at Macario Garcia Elementary School on the north side of Houston chose to join a new program called The Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP).  Over twenty-five years later, these educators, community leaders, business leaders, skilled craftspersons, entrepreneurs, and social service providers see it as their responsibility and duty to rekindle that transformational experience for the children of today.We create educational options that will transform and revitalize our communities. Our work has started with two campuses: Westchase Neighborhood Schools and Eastex-Jensen Neighborhood School. In 2022, we will support children from Pre-K through 8th grade.

Our Vision

All children complete their PreK-12 education ready for success in college and/or careers, with the freedom to choose the most fulfilling life path. As adults, they will be empowered by gratitude to help the next generation of learners.


Our Mission

Neighborhood Schools’ mission is to guide children from under-served communities to love learning and develop the academic skills and virtues to succeed in life and transform their communities.

Our Board

Anna Hardway

Danielle Davis

Ramon Reyes

Our Leadership

Anna Hardway, CEO

Diana Castillo, K-3 WC School Director

Claudia Cardenas, 4-8 WC School Director

Aime Gallardo, EJ School Director

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